Saturday, January 31, 2009

"But you gotta have friends.."

Bette Midler sang an entire song about it, having friends. How lonely would life be if we didn't have friends to experience it with? How difficult would a break up be if you didn't have someone to listen to you cry and take your phone so you can't call him, oh come on, you know what I'm talking about. What would shopping be like if you didn't have someone to stop you from making a horrible purchase, or, to convince you to buy the shoes, just because. But what exactly defines friend? In elementary school, you had a best friend, a BFF, and you bought those cheesy heart neckalces, you know, one side says BEST and the other says FRIEND so that everyone knows that you two are BFF's. But what about when you grow up, and there is not a heart hanging from your neck to let the world know you have a BFF. Friends are like shoes. You don't want just anyone, it has to be fabulous, and you want it to make you feel good. We all want a closet full of Manolos, but, since this is real life, we all have a few pairs of bargain shoes in our closet. Now, those bargain shoes might hurt your feet like hell, but they make your legs look a mile long. You have tons of bargain shoes, a pair for every occasion. Those super cute spring shoes you wear all the time, but once labor day comes, they sit in their box for months. Or those fabulous sandals you only break out, every now and then. But what about those absolutely mind blowing Jimmy Choos you spent your entire months rent on? The shoes you would wear every single day, even in sweat pants because lets be honest, Jimmy Choo makes sweats pants huate couture. It's the same with friends, you have some friends who just make you feel fabulous, and you'd be fine spending all your time with them, but thats just not practical. But what would we be without the friends in our life who mean different things to us. The friend you enjoy going to lunch with once or twice a week just to check in. Or the friend who you love going out on the town with. We all have people in our life who mean different things to us. The important thing is, never let your Jimmy Choo's over shadow your fabulous bargain shoes because sometimes, your bargain shoes will make you look even taller.