Friday, December 26, 2008

Why yes, I'm single...

Every good southern person knows, that you spend your entire life planning to get married. Boys start at a young age going to work with their dad learning how to work, learning the family business, and learning, well, how to be a man. Boys are expected to be able to fix a car, work on the house, fish, grill a steak and bring home the bacon. Girls on the other hand, are taught to sew, to cook, to clean, how to take care of children, and all those mommy things. It starts when your an infant, you hear stories of how your parents met, married at 21 and had 3 kids by 27, seems easy enough, right? Well, times, they are a changing, but unfortuantely the south hasn't caught on. I have lived that life, I have been watching momma closely, learning the things she does. I have had my wedding planned since I was 12, I have a book. I know how to clean and how to change a baby's diaper. I can cook, well, I'm getting there, I can bake ok. I'm in college, majoring in PR, I've interned at the nation's capitol but why is it that I feel incomplete? Did I mention that I am single? Everytime I come home everyone asks, "So who are you dating these days?" I mean, why can't we talk about other things? I'm very aware that I have no man and that I am quickly approaching 20 which yes I know is an age many people get married at. Is there a need to rub my single-ness in? And why is it that I am programmed to feel incomplete without a man? Is it really wrong to be single? And why do I want a boyfriend so bad? Its the way of life I suppose. Is there something wrong with me because I am single? Everyone keeps saying, "he's out there somewhere" well where the hell is he? and why cant he just stop hiding already? You spend your life preparing for marriage, but where do you find the man? There must be some rule book I forgot to read, or some trick no one ever told me. Maybe I'll start a new tradition, the southern blonde that wasn't married at 25...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mama Knows Best

What is the one thing we all have to call our own, our family. A family is good for a lot of things, the good look genes they past down to you, your amazing name, and your life basically. So what happens when someone doesn't like your family? Oh no they didn't..! Sad, but true, not everyone out there thinks your family is as oh so fabulous as you know that they are. You'll awlays have those jealous people who just can't stand that your family has money, and hard earned money at that. People want what you have, your super cool family, the bank account that comes along with it, and the fact that your family actually likes each other. There are people in this world who don't even know their family, hard to imgine, right?I think I talk to my family too much! It just gripes me when people talk down about my family. My dad, he's the head of the household. He has a super fab company he runs by himself to make the bacon to support us and will kill any boy who makes the little girl cry, no questions asked. My mama, well, she's my best friend. She taught me everything I needed to know in life, most of which I'm still learning. And my brothers? Well, they are my biggest support system. My older brother takes care of me and cleans up all my messes, Lord knows he must be getting awfully tired of me! And the little one, I try to teach him a thing or two about life, because I pretend to have it all figured out. So who could possible hate my family? There are plenty people who do, and it really just makes me sad that the people who judge them, don't take the time to get to know them. And I think people like this, don't take the time to get to know people because they are sure that if they did, they would love them too. People sometimes just want to hate other people, and I'm sad that there life is filled with hate and bitterness and not completely super fabulous-ness like mine. My family is my family, they always will be. And it is totally tacky to go against your family, then you just look as ugly and bitter as all those other people out there. So love your fam, it's totally the cool thing to do.

Friday, December 5, 2008

You're Ex-boyfriend is Someone else's husband.

During Thanksgiving break I had coffee with an old friend. While talking about the past, of course we went to the topic of boys. Those old loves who cost us many sleepless nights and phone calls to each other, not to mention all the 5 lbs we gained from not getting out of bed and eating nothing bu chocolate and ice cream. As we were talking about how we hate the "new girl" and crying, why her? I realized, my ex lover is someone else's dream man. I know you don't want to admit it, but face it, she is everything you weren't. It hurts, it really freaking sucks too, but that stupid girl that just came in and ruined your fairytale, was making her own fairytale, whore. It was suppose to be you! You had the wedding planned, all you needed was the rock! And though you'll never know why, it's not you, it's her. And we all know how ex-boyfriends operate, they call you. And this is what really screw girls up, "the call." He misses you, he wants to hear your voice, he wants to know he still has you wrapped around his stupid football loving t.v. hogging finger, and even though he's moved on, he needs to know that you haven't. And we fall for it everytime, the minute you get that text you see wedding bells, you think, "he's going to come back to me, he's gonna leave the hooker and come back to me!" No, actually, he's not. He is giong to get his fix on how miserable you are without him and just like the past, he's gone. Youre left with your head spinning with nothing to do but remember that awful break up and how it pretty much just happened all over again. So why do we even pick up the phone, because this happens more than once, and for some of us it happens every 3 weeks, every month etc. We pick up the phone to feel, because to us, that love was real, and even though its gone, when we pick up that phone, its like a time machine, those feelings come back and you are that girl again, the love of his life, but in a matter of minutes, it's over, again.