Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire..

We've all heard the rhyme, "Liar, liar, pants on fire." And as children our parents teach us not to lie. Even though we all know that lying is bad, it seems to happen all too often. We all have had unfortunate situations where we told a little bity tinie tiny white lie, and of course, we got caught. Its way embarassing when your caught red handed, talk about social nightmare. It seems to be the easy way out, a white lie gets you out of going to dinner with that old friend you said "lets do dinner!" to but you really didn't mean it, or gets you out of baby sitting your friend's pet bird that they oh so nicely asked you to look after, it even gets you out of work for a "self health day." You tell the white lie and your easily out of it, but then, (because karma is alive and well,) you go to dinner and run into the friend you told, (I'm just so swamped with work!) Or the friend who you told you couldn't baby sit their bird because you were going to be out of town, you run into them at the mall (ouch.) Or better yet when you tell your boss you are, "under the weather," it never fails that as you are walking to the spa, you run into them on their lunch break, "uhh, my doctor works at the spa?" Let's face it, these are awful situations to be in, and none of us want that. Let's turn the tables, how does it feel when YOU call your friend and ask to do dinner and they respond with some excuse why they just can't. So you go on your merry way and think nothing of it, then of course, you see them at dinner with their other friends. Now thats just not a good feeling at all to have. We all have a friend, let's call them booty call shoes, (you know, the shoes you wear once and then they don't really go with any of your outfits so you put them back in the box and forget about them until you realize you have the perfect outfit for them.) They will disappear for days, not answer your texts, not return your calls. It's so annoying isn't it? I hate when you call them and get no response, then you find out through other friends that they were out and about. It makes you feel, not so hot, right? It's a terrible feeling. So maybe next time you get a call from a friend your not all that excited about seeing, or let's be honest, you just don't really want to see them at all, maybe just be honest, (but not mean) or just go! It could save you some terrifying social roadkill drama in the future!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've got a complicated order

Pet peeves. We all have them, and if you say that you don't, you just became one of mine. Whatever yours may be, yes, I have heard some pretty outrageous peeves, we all have them and they bother us. As for me, I have tons. I can't even name them I have so many, but I am frequently reminded of them when they happen. Some people do dogs, cats, birds, or even bunnies. I do peeves. Lately, I have been ticked off by my same pet peeve, rude people at work. I'm not talking about my work, obviously seeing as I don't have a real job, don't judge! I'm talking about when you are trying to get your lunch from the little deli, and the lady taking your order is meaner than any snake you have ever seen in your life! I mean, I did not make you apply for this job, you did that on your own! So don't take it out on me! I once went in to deal with a broken blackberry, as I approached the counter, the man behind it didn't bother to stop whatever he was doing, he didn't even bother to look up at me while he mumbled, "can i help you." Um, yes, you could start by making eye contact. Or how about this scene, you go to the drive through, you get to the window, and before you can open your cute little Tory wallet, their hand is sticking out and they are looking at you like YOU are the idiot. When you do pay them, they through your food at you like your (insert famous football player here.) I'm sorry but this is your job, you applied for it, so wouldn't you want to be the best (insert job title here) that you could be? My lunch would be a little more enjoyable if the person who handed it to me smiled, or even bothered to look at me. Why is everyone in such a hurry that we forget the simple things in life, like smiling, or having a little bit of patience. So for all of you fabulous hard workers out there, be nicer, smile a little bit more, tell someone to have a nice day, even if you don't say anything to them, just smile. Smiles make everyone prettier, and they don't cost a thing! It's a time of recession people, so if you can't afford the fabulous new summer lip colors from Chanel, you can afford to smile a bit.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends..

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Most people can only learn lessons the hard way. Friends and family and the people who are supposed to help you get up when you fall down, right? So why is it that it is so easy for us to kick people while they are down? I have a friend who once was walking on her merry little way when she saw someone with a cast on there foot and walking with crutches. My friend thought to herself, "Man, that must really stink!" Well sure enough the next day she fell and broke her leg and she too got a cute little cast. Karma is alive and well people. What are friends for these days? I've heard people say before that you find out who your true friends are when you need friends the most. This, shocking as it may be, is totally true. We all have so many friends that we call on for different occasions; coffee friend, lunch friend, shopping friend, friend thats not as cute as us so we take them out when we need to meet a guy, but the most important friends are the ones who will come get you off the floor and take you out and the ones who will simply come and get in the floor with you. I think we all need to give ourselves a reality check. No one is perfect, try as we may, it just aint gonna happen. So next time you see someone hurting, help them out, dont laugh at them because pretty soon, it could be you.