Thursday, February 17, 2011

The year I didn't hate Valentine's Day...

This was my first Valentine's in a looooong time that I wasn't spending the day cursing all of the happy couples in the world. As you all know, I do have a significant other, and therefore I had a Valentine. But my Valentine's date was about as far from conventional as you could imagine, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

February 2010 I traveled to Washington D.C. with the other members of Auburn College Republicans for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference.) Not only did I come home with a fire in my heart to fight for what I believe it, I came home with a boyfriend.

One year later, I traveled back to D.C. for CPAC once again, but this year it was extra special. Not only was I at my favorite political event of the year, but I was celebrating one year with my love. We celebrated our first Valentine's by listening to Ann Coulter, Gov. Rick Perry (TX), Rep. Allen West (FL), Donald Trump, and many others. We also spend a day on Capitol Hill visiting our beloved SC congressmen. During the day, we bonded over our love of politics, and at night enjoyed dinner and fun with friends. 

His mother probably describes it best as "two nerds at the nerd convention." But you know what, this is what I consider a fairy tale. Sure, Cinderella got to go to the ball and dance the night away with her prince. But my prince comes in the form of a "nerd" who will do "nerdy" things with me and then take me to dinner after. 

I've been looking forward to having a Valentine for quite some time now, and this was worth the wait.

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